Elephant & Rhino Ear Washers

An efficient and economical alternative to traditional metal ear syringing. Both models includes 3 single-use disposable tips. Replacement tips are available in packages of 20. Contoured ear basin and reusable vinyl patient cape are also available.

TSK Needles

& Cannulas

A selection of high-quality needles and cannulas made in hard to find and unique sizes. Used for Botox, Mesotherapy, Prolotherapy, fillers and other pain therapy and aesthetic specialties.

IV House Site Protectors

A primary prevention safety device for safe and gentle IV protection of neonates to adults. Reduces catheter manipulation, painful IV restarts, extends dwell time while providing continuous access.



The world's first discreet nose plug.  Free from latex, PVC and phthalates, these easy to breathe through menthol-infused nose plugs reduce inhalation of bad odours, and improve working conditions.  Each NOSA Plug is individually wrapped.

C12, 6215 – 3rd Street SE , Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L2

C12, 6215 – 3rd Street SE

Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L2