We have extensive experience in medical clinic set-ups. Most equipment purchased from Stat Healthcare is installed at no charge, and packaging materials are disposed of.


We work closely with equipment manufacturers on promotions, pricing and scheduling deliveries to ensure your clinic is properly outfitted and opens on time.

In addition to the input from physicians and owners, we are happy to liaise with architects, interior designers and contractors to help design an office that meets all AHS and CPSA requirements, promotes optimum patient care and is an efficient work space and a pleasure for the staff! 


  •  Have the exam and treatment rooms been designed with enough space to comfortably accommodate all equipment and furnishings, and promote workflow?

  •  Are the exam room doors designed in such a way that the foot section of the table is not facing the hallway?

  •  Will all physicians be comfortable using both right and left-handed tables if the exam rooms are built in a mirror-image       layout?

  •  Is there adequate space within each room, or in one central location for organized storage of consumables?

  •  If the space is leased, has modular cabinetry been considered that can easily be removed to a new site, instead of traditional millwork that would be part of the leased space?

  •  Have the exam rooms been designed to meet AHS standards with a sink, dispensers for paper towel, soap and hand sanitizer?

  •  Have the rooms been designed with enough outlets and in convenient locations for each piece of equipment?

  •  Will the exam rooms be connected to an EMR system?

  •  Will you be using sterile single-use instruments or will your clinic be autoclaving reusable instruments?

  •  If autoclaving, has the designated instrument reprocessing area been designed to meet current CPSA requirements?

  •  Will there be a central area such as a nurses’ station for scales and collecting vitals or will it be conducted in each exam room?

  •  If building a procedure room, what procedures will be performed?  Will a power table or overhead ceiling light be required?

  •  Will your practice see bariatric, pregnant patients or those with physical disabilities or limitations, who may require a power table to accommodate both patient and staff safety?


Check out our virtual 360 degree clinic tour. You can check out some of the clinics we have set up and see just why people choose STAT Healthcare. 

C12, 6215 – 3rd Street SE , Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L2

C12, 6215 – 3rd Street SE

Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L2